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AS's manor is the primary setting of The Room, and the location of the original safe room. The manor is situated about 3 miles (5 kilometers) from the Glendon Hills in England.


According to a newspaper clipping in The Room Three, the manor was "part of England's heritage and architecturally significant", but it is not known exactly how. It is also unclear how AS came to live and conduct his research in the manor, whether it originally belonged to his family or came into his possession at a later date. However, by the beginning of The Room, AS is the sole inhabitant of the manor house after his housekeeper abandoned him due to his obsession with the Null. The manor is fairly secluded, and the place where AS performed the majority of his experiments.

The Manor just after it is destroyed at the end of The Room Two.

In The Room, he invites the protagonist to his home to help solve the mystery of the Null. The player spends most of the game in the safe room, where they solve a number of puzzles to reach the Null sample concealed inside the central safe. Interacting with the sample opens a portal that warps the protagonist to the mechanical room where the game's Epilogue takes place, leading into the journey of The Room Two.

Newspaper clipping describing the destruction of the Manor.

At the end of The Room Two, with AS's guidance, the player is able to open a gateway back to the manor house. The ending cinematic shows the protagonist reappearing in the safe room, pursued by tendrils of the Null. They run through the manor house and escape out the front door, then turn to see the house destroyed behind them, before the tendrils retreat back the way they came.

The protagonist's escape and the manor's destruction occurs on Tuesday, April 13th, which local authorities and residents notice only as a "curious occurrence". The next day, Wednesday the 14th, the remains of the house burn to the ground, and firefighters are called to the scene to put it out. Both the destruction and the fire are reported in the local news the next day, on Thursday the 15th.