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Abigail Lockwood (nee. Waldegrave) was the wife of Edward Lockwood and daughter and only child of Hugo Waldegrave. She saw through the charade that The Circle set up for her husband, and left Waldegrave Manor after she realized that The Null was warping their home.


Abigail was a talented artist of some fame in London. She is also very brilliant, with an understanding of chemistry and machinery paralleling her husband's. She has friends at the Royal Institute, and references that men are often intimidated by her for being a woman of intelligence.


Since Edward had been recently dismissed from the Royal Institute, Abigail was initially supportive of her husband when he began his new experiments. However, she quickly became concerned as members of the Circle began making regular visits to their home to pressure Edward into working faster. Fearing for her husband in his reclusive state, she began spying on him in his study through a crack in the attic floorboards. She managed to compile detailed diagrams of his work with the Null and submitted them to the Royal Institute, hoping that they might be able to put a stop to it. However, the Circle intercepted the plans through their own agents at the Royal Institute. They showed the papers to Edward, who instantly recognized Abigail's work and was furious.

After a fierce argument, Abigail decided only one choice remained to her, and attempted to flee with the Null sample. Edward chased her throughout the house, but the two became increasingly lost as the Null warped their home into a labyrinth. Finding her way to the attic, Abigail managed to "feed" her childhood dollhouse to the Null. Temporarily relieved of its pull, she found her way out of the house and escaped, leaving Edward behind.


  • The character of Abigail is played in full-motion video by Daisy, an artist from Fireproof Games. Daisy is responsible for most of the portraits found in-game.
  • Not much is known about what happens to Abigail after she escapes Waldegrave Manor, but in an 'Ask Fireproof Anything' chat on Reddit with the developers, they implied that she is dead, saying, "Abigail sleeps with the fishes." This statement came out some time before The Room VR: A Dark Matter was released, so its applicability is questionable.
  • A popular theory speculates that Abigail may be the true identity of The Witch from The Room VR: A Dark Matter. Evidence for this includes a portrait of Abigail and a picture of Grey Holm which can be seen in The Witch's house. Both The Witch and Abigail are played by developer Daisy, and their handwriting is also identical.