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Information on Edward in Collector Hydrus's journal

Edward Lockwood is a character mentioned in The Room: Old Sins. He is the former owner of Waldegrave Manor, and husband to Abigail Lockwood (née Waldegrave). He was employed by The Circle, but this was a charade to imprison his soul to power a distilled Null sample, to help power a ritual in The Temple of The Circle. He was formerly employed by the Royal Institute, but due to unspecified conduct violations, his position there was terminated.

Edward was a talented engineer and a devoted husband. After being thrown out of the Royal Institute, he received a new job offer from the Circle, the exact details of which are unclear. He hoped that this job would allow him to give Abigail everything she could want, especially since she had inherited the great debt of her father, Hugo Waldegrave. The Circle provided him with a number of machines and a Null sample to work with. As he experimented with the Null, he became more and more enraptured by it, and began spending all of his time in his study, to the dismay of his wife. Additionally, his work was dissatisfactory to the Circle, who frequently visited to make demands for him to work faster. After the Circle discovered that Abigail had leaked Edward's research to the Royal Institute, Edward became furious with her, insisting that she had damned them both. Soon afterwards, he woke up to discover that Abigail had stolen the Null in a last-ditch effort to free them from its thrall. Driven by anger and madness, Edward pursued her throughout their maze-like house. When Abigail trapped the Null in the attic and was able to escape, Edward became trapped as well. He continued to wander, lost, through the house, even as the effects of the Null on his mind began to fade. In his final moments, he confessed his relief that Abigail had made it out, but resigned himself to his fate, trapped within the Null.

Edward's body can be found beside the dollhouse at the end of The Room: Old Sins, and also at the beginning of the game during a lightning flash.


  • Edward's character is modeled after and acted by Chris, the lead designer and co-founder of Fireproof Games.