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Lucy is a character mentioned in The Room Two, chapter six: The Lab. She is the sister of Professor de Montfaucon, a scientist studying the Null element.

It is known that Lucy was once a patient at Kirkton Sanatorium in Aberdeen Scotland. Though the reason for this is not explicitly mentioned, based on the stated purpose of the Sanatorium, it is likely that Lucy was a "consumptive" - a patient suffering from tuberculosis. In one letter found early in The Lab, a Doctor Beckett writes to Montfaucon, begging him to return Lucy to the Sanatorium, in fear that her confinement to their estate will be bad for her health.

In the final moments of The Lab, the player learns that Lucy was the subject of Montfaucon's thirteenth experiment with the Null on dead matter. Her heart is listed as "Subj. 'L' (Cardiac viscus)" on the last of Montfaucon's notecards, found over the course of the level. He reports that he was able to restore a "facsimile of life" to Lucy's heart, but "only w/ proximity to raw Null". The experiment apparently led to some breakthrough for Montfaucon. The player sees the heart just before the final door opens, and must flip three switches which cause a mechanism to activate and the heart to beat.

In his note for the level, A.S. mentions that "the heart is the root of the Null", and references a trade that he made: his soul in exchange for Lucy's, so that the protagonist might use Lucy's soul to get home. This bargain was presumably struck with Montfaucon.

A handwritten message on Lucy's notecard reads, "Dear Lucy. Forgive me. I was too late." Based on available handwriting samples, this message was most likely written by her brother, Professor de Montfaucon.