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Null fonts are altars with basins containing Null goop, usually for ritualistic or transportation purposes. Multiple fonts have appeared throughout the games, and have varied in size, purpose, and appearance.

Known Fonts[]

Cog Room Font[]

One font is seen in the Cog Room at the end of The Room Two. It contains a Null sample which, when viewed through the eyepiece, generates an incomplete Null glyph above it. The sample is also connected to two sliders. As these sliders are adjusted, the glyph above is tuned, changing the end destination of the room's Null portal.

Grey Holm Font[]

In The Room Three, the center of the Grey Holm nexus houses a large Null font. The basin has a platform in its center where Null shards are placed after each level is completed. When all of the Null shards are in place, the altar autonomously forges them into The Craftsman's Key. Elements of puzzles are also hidden within the Null goop, and will emerge when the player must use them to unlock a new nexus room.

The Grey Holm font appears again in The Room VR: A Dark Matter, when The Detective uses the power of The Witch's extradimensional doorway to briefly travel to Grey Holm and complete a puzzle.

Egyptian Font[]

This font is found in a long-buried temple in Egypt, and was rediscovered by The Craftsman during his time spent with an archaeological expedition. It is the largest font yet seen in the series, set into the floor and spanning an entire room. It is harnessed to perform the ritual of trapping a person's soul. It was used ritualistically in Egypt centuries before The Craftsman found it and began to appropriate its power for his own uses. Three stone pedestals surround it, and at its center is a stone obelisk. Placing soul-trap artifacts on the surrounding pedestals initiates the ritual of trapping. The Null goop in the pool below will begin to swirl rapidly, and tendrils will emerge from within to engulf anyone standing on the central obelisk platform. That person's soul is then trapped in one of the artifacts, which is left on the central platform in their place. The Detective uses this font to defeat The Craftsman and trap his soul at the end of The Room VR: A Dark Matter.

The font chamber is part of a larger temple, which is connected to a series of catacombs where soul-trap artifacts are kept.