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The Null Planet, or Mars, is the planet where the beings associated with The Null supposedly reside or have strong influence. It is an important location to The Room Three, and an interest of The Craftsman's.

Null Planet Buildings[]

On the surface of the Null planet are several buildings: three ziggurat-like structures connected by a series of roads. They are made of stone and appear very ancient. It is unknown who constructed them, or what their purpose is.

The three buildings, seen from far above the surface of the planet.

The Null Planet buildings make several appearances in The Room Three. They are first seen in The Observatory, where the player must solve various puzzles surrounding them. They first locate the three main buildings using the Observatory's telescope and a specialized telescope lens. Later, they must remotely navigate a maze inside one of the temples using a viewing machine.

Two of the game's endings also revolve around these buildings. In the Imprisoned ending, the Protagonist is trapped in what appears to be one of the ziggurats. In the Lost ending, the Protagonist is warped directly to the planet and arrives in front of a building, and a door opens to reveal darkness inside.