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Simon Grayson (AKA The Great Khan) makes his first appearance in The Room Two. He is mentioned in a letter from Margaret Cox, and is apparently the one who trained her. Simon is a magician of some renown, especially noteworthy for using a Null shard as a part of his act.


Before the events of The Room Two's Séance, Simon was an acquaintance of spirit medium Margaret Cox.

It is yet unknown how Simon obtained the Null shard that he came to incorporate into his magic act. Sometime after he began using it, he was contacted by Margaret Cox, the only person besides himself who seemed to have some knowledge of where the shard came from. She insisted that he use the shard to help her with her own act.

Posters for The Great Khan can be seen in the Grey Holm Library. He is featured holding one of The Craftsman's Null shards. According to The Making of The Room Three, Grayson's soul was imprisoned in the library along with Maggy's when The Craftsman learned of their activities with the Null. His is trapped in the paper theater on the library's second level.