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The soul-trap artifacts are devices found and appropriated by The Craftsman to capture human souls and use them as power sources for his portals. They are a major component of The Room VR: A Dark Matter .


The artefacts are identical in appearance. They are shaped like pyramids and are made of what could be stone or metal. The corners of the artefacts have curves carved into them. Each artefact is topped with a gold cap with beads of gold decorating the base. When trapping a soul, the artefact unfolds into three connected pieces, each bearing a mystic stone. It closes again once the soul has been trapped. Upon activation on one of The Craftsman's altars, each side glows with a symbol of The Null. 

In The Room VR: A Dark Matter[]

Before being discovered by The Craftsman, these artifacts were used by people in ancient Egypt as part of a Null-related ritual. Certain individuals would use them to intentionally trap their own souls. For many years, some souls still in their artifacts rested in a tomb beneath the desert, guarded by puzzles. It is possible that The Craftsman never found these souls - only the empty artifacts, or the ability to create them.

The Craftsman guides each of his victims towards discovering an artifact by giving them an eyepiece and allowing them to pursue it on their own. In pursuit of the Null, the victim becomes more enraptured by it, so that when they do discover the artifact, their soul is easily captured by it. The Craftsman is either unable or unwilling to recover the artifacts on his own and instead tricks a proxy to do so for him. By placing four artifacts on an altar, a portal can be activated. While the souls inside do not perish or vanish as a result of him doing so, it is presumed that each altar can either only open a portal once or can only open one kind of portal. At the end of the game, The Craftsman is defeated, his own soul is trapped, and his artifact is used to set the rest of the souls free. It is unknown what happens to those who have been trapped in an artifact and subsequently freed.

Known Victims[]


  • As proven by The Witch, if a particular victim is powerful enough, they may free their soul from an artifact and travel freely outside their body.