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Talisman sign found in The Room Three - The Forge

Talisman is a recurring company in the The Room series. They are rarely directly referenced, being mostly seen on labels and signage throughout the background of the games.

The company is based in Guildford, England, and specializes in a variety of products, including "machinery, lockboxes, safes" and "educational paraphernalia", as well as medical tonics. While some of their products are standard use, they also are known to produce unique curiosities, such as puzzle boxes. The Talisman medical apothecary was established in 1789, while the mechanical branch of the company was established in 1807. It is presumed that Talisman was founded by The Craftsman. Consequently, the company seems to have a connection to The Null, as many of their artefacts have properties attuned to the element.


Talisman is referenced as early as the first game, with both the safe and the orrery in AS's home being labeled as Talisman products. In the epilogue, the miniature piano accepts tokens also made by Talisman.

In The Room Two, medicinal bottles in the cabinet of Montfaucon's laboratory were manufactured by Talisman, as well as some of the electrical implements.

A large Talisman sign can be found in The Room Three - The Forge, along with blueprints for the safe found in The Room. The Craftsman mentions in this game that it was at his home forge where he began crafting his "masterworks", implying that the company has its origins at Grey Holm.

The floodlight that Collector Hydrus uses in The Room: Old Sins was made by Talisman.


  • Talisman is based in Guildford, England, the same city where Fireproof Games is based.