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The tarot cards are recurring items that appear throughout the games. They appear in every game of the series except for The Room: Old Sins.

The cards all belong to the same ancient deck. According to one newspaper article, the deck is one of the most ancient in England. Two characters are known to use these cards: Margaret Cox, a.k.a. Mystical Maggy, and The Witch.


In The Room, some cards can be seen during the epilogue at the bottom of a drawer. The Death card is torn in half. They also appear in the second ending cinematic available in the mobile game. The cards visible in the drawer are Death, Voyage, and Time.

In The Room Two - The Séance, the player must use Mystical Maggy's Tarot cards as part of a puzzle. The available cards are Null, Time, Sanctuary, Knowledge, Cosmos, Death, Temple, and Voyage. The end screen of each level also features a tarot card representing that level: Illumination (The Crypt), Navigation (The Ship), Reflection (The Temple), Damnation (The Séance), and Isolation (The Crossing).

In The Room Three, four Tarot cards are shown, foreshadowing each ending to the game. These cards are Imprisoned, Escape, Release, and Lost. The Mystical Maggy booth will display each of these cards when the player puts a token into the machine.

In The Room VR: A Dark Matter, the player uses several cards upon entering the Null room of The Witch's house. These cards are The Void, Origins, Remorse, and The Tower.

Known Cards[]

There are a number of known cards shown across the games. Each card has a roman numeral at the top. It is unclear what these numbers indicate, and it is possibly that they are simply Easter eggs left by the developers.

  • VII (7) - Null: The green Null sample from The Room in its harnessing device.
  • VIII (8) - Time: The face of a clock from a box in The Room.
  • IX (9) - Sanctuary: The exterior of A.S.'s Manor, illuminated by sunlight.
  • X (10) - Knowledge: The head and torso of a human body without skin, showing the underlying musculature.
  • XIII (13) - Halloween: A jack-o-lantern.
  • XV (15) - Cosmos: Constellations in a starry sky. Rays of a star shine from below.
  • XVI (16) - Death: A human skull, missing its jaw and some teeth.
  • XVII (17) - Temple: The face of a temple with a dark doorway.
  • XVIII* (18) - Voyage/Navigation: A ship at sea.
  • XIX (19) - Isolation: The rowboat from The Crossing. In the distance, only darkness and a full moon can be seen.
  • XXII (22) - Imprisoned: A temple at the center of a vast maze.
  • XXIII (23) - Gateway: A Null portal, overgrown with tendrils, in a warm light.
  • XXVI (26) - Illumination: The stone table with two boxes from The Crypt.
  • XLIII (43) - The Tower: The high tower of Grey Holm.
  • XLVI (46) - Release: Null tendrils emerging from a cloudy sky.
  • LXVI (66) - Damnation: Mystical Maggy's apartment. At the center, the fortune-telling machine and table from The Séance.
  • LXXIV (74) - Origins: The head and torso of an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.
  • XCI (91) - Reflection: The stone doorway of The Temple, overgrown with tree roots.
  • XCIX (99) - Lost: The entrance of one of the Null planet temples.
  • MMVII (2007) - The Void: A stone pedestal in a dark space. A yellow light shines above it.
  • MMX (2010) - Downfall: A Null portal, overgrown with tendrils, in a blue light.
  • MMXVIII (2018) - Remorse: The exterior of Waldegrave Manor.
  • LXVV** (???) - Escape: An empty rowboat on a calm body of water. The sun is low over the horizon.

*Card XVIII is labelled "Voyage" when it appears in The Room Two - The Seance. However, in the ending screen for The Ship, a similar card, called "Navigation", is shown with the same number. Both cards contain the image of a ship sailing the ocean, but with slight differences. The ship on the Voyage card has fewer sails and an especially long bowsprit, possibly a fluyt. The ship of Navigation is much larger and has many cannon ports, likely a galleon.

**The Escape card is labeled LXVV, which is an impossible roman numeral and may be a mistake.


In The Room Two - The Séance, the player must correctly sequence cards according to stories told by the voice of the typewriter. Once arranged in the right order and submitted to the fortune-telling machine, the room experiences signs of haunting: tremors, flickering lights, knocking-over of furniture, and, briefly, a full-bodied apparition. The machine then gives the player the next clue to enter into the typewriter, and the cycle repeats.

In The Room VR: A Dark Matter, The Witch provides tarot cards as part of the puzzle. The cards are placed in a slot above the door handle to the Null room. They disappear when the handle is turned, and the card determines what appears in the room beyond.


In The Making Of The Room: Old Sins, the developers show some ideas for new Tarot cards that they considered putting in the game, but didn't. It is unknown if the cards will appear in later games.

There is a printable make-it-yourself papercraft of the Tarot Cards on the downloads page of Fireproof's website.