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The Reverend is a side character from The Room VR: A Dark Matter. He is employed at the Chapel of the Sacred Guard and was lured into investigating The Null by The Craftsman. This would end in his demise as it caused him to find an artefact that would capture his soul for The Craftsman to take with the help of The Detective


The Reverend is depicted through apparitions of his past, and thus is never clearly seen. He is an adult man with short hair and wears a religious vestment and scarf. His coloration is never shown, but in The Making of The Room VR: A Dark Matter, the vestment is shown to be white with decorated red panels, the scarf is colored a dull white, and both are worn over white pants and brown shoes. The staff member playing The Reverend has short brown hair and a trimmed beard.


The Reverend is depicted as passionate and obsessive, desperately searching for an artefact even before his first memo. He puts up a sociable front for members of the church, but is shown to look down on them in secret. He is quick to frustration in privacy and is shown throwing books in anger. He also (perhaps mistakenly) thinks himself to be clever, as he mistakes The Craftsman's intentions behind giving him the eyepiece for ignorance. By the time of his demise he is exhausted and possibly delusional, claiming that he can hear something, most likely the Null, surrounding him in the chapel's structures.


The Reverend was searching for a sacred relic before he came to the Chapel of the Sacred Guard, and believed he would find it there. He spends months looking for it to no avail before writing his first memo, considering even tearing apart the walls to find it. Sometime after writing that note, he is visited by The Craftsman, who gives him an eyepiece to assist him in his search. It is at this point that the Reverend begins referring to his sought-after relic as an artefact, likely due to The Craftsman's influence. The Reverend discovers the mystical properties of the eyepiece, most notably its super-zoom feature, and explores in wonder. He mistakenly assumes The Craftsman was not aware of what the eyepiece could do, thinking he wouldn't have given it away if he had known. As he grows closer to his target, he claims that he can hear it in his second memo, before ranting in delusion for his final note. He claims that he can hear "them" and that "they" are waiting. He discovers a secret chamber beneath the Chapel and takes a sledgehammer to its wall, uncovering a soul-trap artefact before being swallowed by it.

He is trapped for an unknown amount of time until the artefact housing his soul is recovered by The Detective and returned to The Craftsman. After The Detective is abandoned, they work with The Witch to end The Craftsman and free the souls of all of his victims, upon which point the Reverend's soul is able to pass on.


The Reverend was persistent in his search and presumably went to great lengths to find the artefact. He is resilient to obstacles and at least intelligent enough to become involved with the Null and work out the location of an artifact, albeit with help from The Craftsman. He also posesses enough physical strength to smash through a stone wall with a sledgehammer.


The Craftsman[]

"... the old man can't have known what this lens revealed." - The Reverend

The Reverend blindly trusted The Craftsman and believed him to be ignorant of the eyepiece's properties. He looked down on The Craftsman as he did most others, and did not see his manipulation for what it was.



  • Judging by The Reverend's obsession with locating the artefact, it is possible that his occupation for the clergy is just a front for his search and that he has no real religious inclinations.
  • The Reverend is played by Dave Rack, lead artist and co-founder of Fireproof Games.