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The Room is the first game in the series and first chronological game in the main trilogy. It was originally released on iOS in September 2012 and on Android in March 2013. An enhanced version was released on Steam in July 2014, and for the Nintendo Switch in October 2018.


Official The Room Launch Trailer

Synopsis []

The Room is set in an abandoned manor house. The protagonist has recieved an invitation from an old friend, known only as AS, who seeks their help in something he has been working on. However, when they arrive, there is no sign of him - save for a large and mysterious safe left in his study.

On the safe is a letter left by AS. He asks you to help solve the mystery of an element he was studying, known as the Null. AS calls the Null "the key to incomprehensible power". He has left the protagonist an eyepiece, which allows them to see things on other layers of reality.

The game progresses from box to box as the player unlocks the mysteries held within the safe. As they solve the complex puzzles posed to them by the safe, they find torn journal entries written by AS, detailing his discovery of the Null and his subsequent descent into demonology and madness. Once the protagonist solves the final puzzle, they reveal the Null sample that AS was experimenting on at the center of the safe. When they attempt to interact with it, a portal opens in the room and takes them to an unearthly place surrounded by giant cogs and gears. They must solve yet another series of puzzles, which opens one more portal. As the protagonist is drawn towards it, the force beyond shatters their eyepiece, and they are taken away to a new destination, beginning the events of The Room Two.


Chapter One[]


The first chapter focuses on just the exterior of the large safe. When the safe door is unlocked, a smaller puzzle box is revealed within.

Chapter Two[]


After retrieving the hexagonal box, the Protagonist is tasked with opening the three main seals on the front. They must solve puzzles involving a zoetrope, a miniature safe, and a clock. When all three seals are unlocked, the box opens and yet another puzzle box is found inside.

Chapter Three[]


After taking out the third and final box, the Protagonist must solve puzzles around the sides in order to unlock the top of the orrery. The chapter ends once the player is able to activate a projection of the night sky and stars around them.

Chapter Four[]


The Room - CHAPTER 4

With the top of the orrery completely open, the Protagonist must use the guidance of constellations and their eyepiece to finish the final few puzzles of the game. When this is done, they can access the box's deepest secret: a Null sample. As the Protagonist takes the sample, they inadvertently activate an interdimensional doorway and are compelled to move through it, leaving their world behind.



After being taken through space and time to the cog room, the player is faced with a new table and a music box. They solve many new puzzles and eventually discover two Null glyphs which, when tuned properly, open yet another portal. The force from the portal shatters the Protagonist's eyepiece as they move forward to the next location, setting up the events of The Room Two.