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In The Room Three, there are four possible endings that can be achieved. Exploring the hub area of Grey Holm for hidden puzzles will lead the player to find two strange artifacts and a screwdriver. These items will be carried with the player to the final puzzle, where they can be used to change a projection of Metatron's Cube. This determines the doorway the player can go through. The four endings are represented by Maggy's tarot cards, and are titled Imprisoned, Release, Escape, and Lost. None of the endings in the game have been confirmed to be canon by Fireproof, however they have said that if they were to continue the original trilogy, they would most likely continue off of the 'Lost' ending.

Achieving the Items[]

The player requires certain items in order to change the ending they receive. There are two paths the player can take individually, and unlocking either or both of these provides them with the necessary items. They can be achieved in any order, but can only be completed incrementally, as different rooms become available to the player.

The Screwdriver[]

The screwdriver is picked up as the player naturally progresses through the game. It must be used to transplant a mechanical part from the Study to the Elevator Room during the activation of the last doorway machine. After it is used, it will remain in the player's inventory for the rest of the game, minus The Observatory.

The Star-Shaped Artifact[]

The path to this artifact is a crystal collection quest. In the Conservatory, the player may observe that one of the scientific instruments on the back table has a wheel with three slots. One slot contains a purple crystal. The other two are empty.

One of the crystals can be found in the safe of the Elevator Room. On the far end of the balcony railing is a small golden dome. By rolling the dome back and forth, the player is able to swing a large pendulum at the center of the opening until it hits the railing on the opposite side. This will shatter the table that the safe rests on, and send the safe falling down into the Altar Room. From here, the crystal can be retrieved.

The other crystal is located within the grandfather clock in the Study, and it can only be accessed every 15 minutes in real time (on an hour, quarter past, half past, and quarter to). By observing the clock face with the eyepiece, the intervals are more clearly visible, marked in blue. At any one of these intervals, the player is able to open the clock and solve the puzzle inside. This will reward them with the other crystal.

Once they have found both crystals, the player can attach them to the machine in the conservatory, which powers a viewing screen. The screen is used to navigate a temple, similar to the larger puzzle in The Observatory. When this puzzle is completed, the contraption opens and reveals the star-shaped artifact, which the player can take.

The Rectangular Artifact[]

This artifact is found by relying on the "Mystical Maggie" fortune telling booth.

The First Token[]

By pulling out the token tray of the fortune telling machine, the player will find a key to the desk in the study. The desk has several drawers which must be solved in order to unlock a token to give to Maggy. She will show the first of four tarot cards - Imprisoned - which represents the game's default ending. She will also give the player a wheel with a handle. On the glass, the player will find a message from Maggy: “He deceives you”.

The Second Token[]

The wheel given by Maggy can be used to open the grate at the back of the room where the player first entered Grey Holm. Following a set of stairs down to a Basement room, they find a machine with three levers and a lighted indicator. Pulling these levers reveals three separate math puzzles. The player must direct a number of switches to reach the total indicated at the top of the switchboard. Completing these (8 + 4 + 5 = 17, 7 x 4 + 3 = 31 and 2 x 5 + 4 + 12 - 5 + 9 = 30) allows them to power up the phone in the Library. Answering the phone there allows them to collect a handle from the gramophone.

The handle must be used back in the Basement room, where there is a filing shelf on a table at the back of the room. Attaching the lever to the filing shelf activates a Simon Says-style puzzle, instructing the player to open the drawers in a specific order. This reveals a second token which can be given to Maggy. This time, Maggy reveals the second tarot card, Escape, and provides the player with a winding handle to be used on the Conservatory gramophone. It allows the gramophone to be wound and play a record, but is temporarily useless until the Conservatory is unlocked.

The Third Token[]

The contraption on the desk of the upper Library can be closed, revealing a metal cube fit into the underside of the left half. On the right half, a circular indentation can be seen. By taking the cube to the Conservatory and placing it in front of the box with the null icon, the player can morph its shape to a sphere. Returning to the upper Library, placing it in the indentation, and opening the contraption again reveals a pop-up theatre which can be entered using the superzoom lens. Inside is another gramophone. The player must press the button on the gramophone to release a blank wax cylinder.

The player must place the blank cylinder into the Library gramophone, then return to the Conservatory. By playing the Conservatory gramophone, dialing the number for the Library phone (1795), and returning to pull the lever on the Library phone, the player is able to record the music from the Conservatory onto the wax cylinder. Once this is done, playing the etched cylinder in the gramophone inside the popup theatre will reveal the next token for Maggy. This time, she reveals the third card, Release, and provides you with a metal device. If you haven’t started the process to get to the forge she will write another message: “The forge awaits”.

The Fourth Token[]

The metal device can be used in the Elevator Room to reveal a key. This key fits in the box in the indent of the tree in the Conservatory, but does not unlock the drawer beneath it. To reveal the problem, the player must remove the bricks from the crumbling wall behind the tree and superzoom into a hole there. Doing so allows the player to turn a lever on the end of the key which activates one of two tumblers in the lock. Turning the key 180 degrees and repeating this step unlocks the drawer, which contains the final token.

Maggy will display the final card, Lost, before a compartment underneath the machine opens, revealing her circuitry. At the center of the mechanism is the rectangular artifact. When it is removed, Maggy will experience a brief power surge and then power down.

The Endings[]



“As you like puzzles so much, I have one final riddle for you, to occupy your eternity: ‘What is the difference between a maze and a labyrinth?’ But how can I expect you to answer when you cannot tell a Room from a Prison?”

Imprisoned is the default ending to the game, and does not require any extra steps. The doorway will show the door to the train compartment that the player was in at the beginning of the game.

Upon entering, the player finds a note on the table within the compartment. The note is from The Craftsman, revealing his deception and informing them that they have been trapped. The camera zooms out to show a train speeding along above a seemingly endless maze. It then pulls back further, showing this vision happening inside of a box, the one from the first scene of the game, which The Craftsman is in the process of closing on the altar in the center of Grey Holm. Once it is closed, a doorway on the other side opens - presumably to the Null Planet - and tendrils begin to reach out.



“Whatever it was that drew me is gone. I can sense it no longer, and I finally feel free.”

The Escape ending is found by placing and solving the Craftsman’s rectangular artifact before leaving the puzzle. The doorway will show a wooden door, and little sound will be heard.

Upon exiting, we emerge in the Grey Holm boathouse. Null tendrils begin spreading throughout the room, following us through the door. The protagonist is hit by one of the tendrils, falls into the boat, and loses consciousness. They regain consciousness a moment later, floating a good distance from Grey Holm. A bird can be seen flying above them, and the sky is clear and blue. The protagonist stands up, and watches as Grey Holm is destroyed by Null tendrils. They turn around to look at the mainland, and the screen fades to white.

The ending card is a journal entry by the protagonist describing their newfound freedom from curiosity and ability to move on with their life.



“When we opened the gateway, something was waiting. It has always been waiting... now it is here. Soon we are doomed.”

The Release ending is found by placing and solving the Craftsman’s star-shaped artifact before leaving the puzzle. The doorway will show a shadowy wooden door, and the sound of thunder can be heard beyond it. Additional Null tendrils also creep out from the doorway.

Upon exiting, we emerge in the Grey Holm boathouse. Null tendrils begin spreading throughout the room, following us through the door. The protagonist is hit by one of the tendrils, falls into the boat, and loses consciousness. They regain consciousness a moment later, floating a good distance from Grey Holm. There are large Null tendrils in the sky, emerging down from dark storm clouds. The protagonist watches as Grey Holm is destroyed, and then looks back at the tendrils in the sky. The screen fades to white.

The ending card is a letter written to The Craftsman from the protagonist, who claims to be "in Bethlehem". This most likely refers to the hospital of St. Mary's of Bethlehem, an asylum for the insane in London, and the protagonist mentions they have bribed a warder at said hospital in order to deliver their message. They admit to being less than trustworthy, but warn of the great power they have unleashed upon the world by opening the portal, and beg The Craftsman to come see them.



The Lost Ending is found by placing and solving both Craftsman artifacts, then using the screwdriver to move the panel blocking the star-shaped artifact’s projector. The doorway will show only a wall of Null Goop.

The cinematic begins with a far away view of the Null Planet. We warp closer and closer to the planet, and then we warp onto the planet’s surface. A sandstorm rages around the player, obscuring most of their surroundings, but several ziggurats can be seen nearby. In front of us is a temple. The temple door opens, and the screen fades to black.