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The Wreck of the Helena is an event referenced primarily in The Room Two and The Room: Old Sins. The Helena (also known as the Santa Helena) was a ship chartered by unknown parties for a journey to New Granada, South America. This event presumably took place sometime in the 18th Century.

Sequence of Events[]

Model of the Rose.

In notes left throughout level two of The Room Two, the player learns that the ship where the puzzle is located (its name is revealed to be the Rose) once pursued the Helena in search of treasure. The exact identity of the pursuers is unknown, but the author of the notes, the Rose's captain, mentions that they have paid for a privateer's license, and that their "investors will not be happy without a return". The flags on the model ship are red and white, suggesting it is either an English or Spanish vessel. They also describe how they have found little plunder in thirty weeks at sea, and that they began pursuit of the Helena following a tip they received from prisoners they took from another ship, the San Esposito, who told them there was a powerful artifact on board.

The Rose eventually spotted the Helena and began pursuit, but was hindered at many turns by a persistent fog. After a long chase, the captain describes seeing the Helena suddenly wreck at 1800 hours, seemingly for no reason: "She heaved as if the bottom had been torn from her and began taking on water at a terrible rate. Only there were no rocks." One survivor swam free from the wreckage: "He is some sort of scholar", "A wild-eyed wreck of a man in tattered, blood-stained rags". The man carried with him a powerful Null artifact, which the captain took for safe keeping.

The coordinates of the wreck of the Rose, on a map in The Room: Old Sins.

In the days following the wreck, the crew of the Rose began to experience strange phenomena, as explained in radio messages in The Room: Old Sins. The messages are from the perspective of a crew member, possibly the Captain. According to the radio, the fog continued to make navigation difficult, and they found themselves continuously and inexplicably off course. Several crew members also reported a lack of sleep. The survivor of the Helena, imprisoned in a cell on board, "claws at his cell door, desperate for the return of his artifact". Although no further logs from the Rose are available, it is apparent that it met a similar fate to the Helena. The wreck of a ship can be seen from the submarine in the Marine Room of The Room: Old Sins. There is a large tear in the hull, and its cargo is scattered across the seafloor. As the puzzle progresses, the player is tasked with navigating the submarine over the wreckage and lowering a claw to retrieve something from it. The claw pulls up the figurehead of the ship - the same figurehead found on the model of the Rose in The Room Two, chapter two. The sunken ship's model in The Room: Old Sins would also appear to match the Room Two model, with three masts and two large crow's nests.

The Rose's figurehead, as seen on the model in The Room Two.

The Rose's figurehead retrieved by submarine in The Room: Old Sins.